We manufacture corrugated boxes.

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White Corrugated Boxes

White corrugated cardboard boxes in handy flat packs.

Classy and stylish white single wall boxes in a wide range of sizes. Manufactured from white single wall rigid flute corrugated cardboard and capable of holding up to 10kg in weight. Notice the quality difference! Strong and sturdy, these white single wall boxes don’t just look good, they also retain their shape when fully loaded or packed tightly together. Used extensively by industry as packing, shipping and storage boxes with improved presentation and coding versus a standard brown cardboard box.

White Corrugated Box 2 Ply

2 Ply cartons have one fluted medium sandwiched between two sheets of Kraft paper.

Single wall boxes are suitable for majority of lightweight items being packed or stored.

If you’re sending items through the courier, single wall white corrugated boxes are a cost effective option as they offer protection and they are lightweight.

White Corrugated Box 3 Ply​

Double Wall as its name implies, has two fluted mediums sandwiched between three sheets of Kraft paper.

These boxes can be stacked for longer periods of time than single wall while resisting crushing.

Double wall boxes are ideal for shipping products that require a higher level of protection and where the weight of the contents is increased.

Being durable & strong, they are also ideal for home moving goods.

White Corrugated Box 3 Ply​
White Corrugated Box 5 Ply​

White Corrugated Box 5 Ply​

We are manufacturing packaging boxes as per customers requirements. But broadly, it can be bunched into certain types of corrugated boxes. Those are 3 ply corrugated box, 5 ply corrugated box, die cut box, custom printed corrugated box, white boxes and multi depth box.

We are listing down various types of boxes below, where you can read more on those types of boxes.

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