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Custom Foam Bags / Pouches

Foam Bags / Pouches

Foam bags are pre-made pouches that make your packing jobs easy! They provide soft, non-abrasive protection for your delicate products. Protect dishes, glasses, plates, electronic items, picture frames and much more. Our foam pouches are also perfect for storing delicate items that need extra cushioning when not in use like decoratives or ornaments.

  • Lightweight, quick and easy to use
  • Available in a variety of sizes
  • 2 MM Thick EPE Foam
  • Low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery

Foam protective packaging Roll

Foam is a light weight soft textured low density polyethylene foam wrap which is designed to protect finished surfaces from scratches,scuffing  and damage during transport or the wrapping of fragile items for storage. Poly foam is 100% recyclable, non- abrasive and water resistant and comes in different thickness from 0.5mm to 12mm thick with the 1mm & 2mm are the most common sizes with roll length starting at 100m and are stock items. Foam being non-abrasive it is ideal for surface protection as well as a versitle protective packaging solutions which can be used on glass, stone, stainless steel, timber as well powder coated products. 

Foam Cushion Packaging

It is suitable for furniture,skin products, handbags, computers and electric appliances. Used as packing lining of electronic and other fragile, high-grade products . 

Special shapes: form in L,U and Rectangular,etc.
Volumes or sheets
Customized colors,sizes and shapes are welcome.
6. Fire retardant and antistatic.
Plastic Foam packaging
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