We manufacture corrugated boxes.

Corrugated Roll and Sheets | Pure Kraft Paper Rolls

Corrugated Rolls

Easy to wrap rolls are specially designed to wrap oddly shaped household products, office items, fragile parts, paintings, metal parts, glassware & much more.

    1. Easily adapts to all shapes
    2. For safe & damage free transit at economical cost
    3. Raised 4 MM fluting provides extra cushioning and strength
    4. Single Face in “C” Flute provides higher level of cushion and shock absorption
    5. In stock and available for immediate deliver

Corrugated Pads & Sheets

Brown corrugated sheets great for use as a layering. Pads help keep tops of products protected during storage & transit. You can also use these to make your own box ensuring exact size & lowering volumetric weight shipment costs.

  1. Excellent for dividers and shock absorbers.
  2. Use to separate and protect items.
  3. “C” flute, approximately 3 mm thick for Single Wall & 7 mm for Double Wall.
  4. Ships flat for easy handling and storage
  5. In stock and available for immediate delivery

Brown Kraft Paper Rolls

Made of high quality brown Kraft paper.  Our Kraft paper rolls are ideal for wrapping, packaging, stuffing and void fill.

  1. Easily adapts to various shapes
  2. For safe & damage free transit at economical cost
  3. Sustainable & eco-friendly packaging material
  4. In stock and available for immediate delivery

Packaging Tapes

We stock wide range of high-quality BOPP (biaxial oriented polypropylene) tapes. These self-adhesive tapes are universally used for a variety of packaging applications. 

  1. High tack and adhesion to any surface (Paper, Plastic, Wood, Glass, Fiber, Metal, etc.
  2. Durable with long shelf life.
  3. Strong grip due to excellent adhesive backing
  4. Custom printing up to 3 colours (email us for custom printing inquiry)

Bubble Rolls and Wraps

Bubble wrap rolls are flexible and versatile. Wrap these securely around any item and you can protect delicate items such as statues or electronics. 

  1. Lightweight, flexible and easy to use
  2. Excellent cushioning while transportation of delicate items
  3. Extended protection from moisture and dirt if the products needs to be stored for long period of time

Stretch Film Rolls

Stretch film is a recyclable film used to improve the stability of products or packages, as well as giving protection from dust, moisture and package pilferage. Stretch film is widely used in the logistic, electronic, and food industry

  1. Provides a water resistant cover
  2. Protects products against dust and dirt
  3. High load bearing strength
  4. Resistance to package pilferage
  5. UV resistant with high tack strength

Strapping Rolls

This premium grade plastic strapping is reliable and cost effective. These rolls are ideal for high volume work. Our plastic strapping is made from durable polypropylene and comes in a roll which is machine grade for use with semi-automatic and automatic strapping machines.

  1. Saves time and increases efficiency
  2. Made from high grade virgin polymer
  3. Supplied on standard core size
  4. Does not corrode or rust
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