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printed courier bag

Courier bag

     Versatile and easy to use courier bags are favoured for their economical, tamper proof and confidential shipping of various everyday products.

  • Self adhesive flap with iInbuilt POD Jacket for inserting courier slips & invoices
  • Tamper Proof – After sealing bags cannot be opened
  • Great for e-commerce shipments & confidential products
  • High tensile strength allows overstuffing
  • In stock and available for immediate deliver

Printed carrier bag

Aperture handle printed carrier bags are the most common type of plastic carrier bag, but here at Oversolve we understand the importance of producing even the most basic bags to the highest possible standard.

We also recognise the important issue of producing environmentally friendly bags, which is why these bags are produced using a degradable additive.

Plastic Shopping Bags – Flexi Loop Handle

       Flexiloop handle carrier bags are seen as being more of a bag for life, they are often reused for grocery shopping or for just about any use. Many of the supermarkets brand up their flexiloop carrier bags and sell them as bags for life. They are extremely flexible in their use and last longer than other types of carrier bags.

     The durability of the flexiloop carrier bags makes them ideal for brand awareness as they are reused numerous times making them visibly more noticeable. The cost for a printed flexiloop carrier bag is generally slightly higher than the conventional plastic carrier bag, but they are more hard wearing and work out cheaper in the ling run if they reused.

Plastic Shopping Bags – Flexi Loop Handle
Laminated Paper Shopping Bags

Laminated Paper Shopping Bags

  Printed Laminated Paper Bags are seen as the most luxurious type of carrier bag available. They do cost more than the other types of carrier bag, but that wouldn’t usually matter.

   When buying this type of carrier bag our customers aren’t usually comparing them by cost to other types of bags, they are usually more concerned with image and branding and that extra touch of quality these types of bags can offer.

   If you are looking to do it in style then this type of shopping bag is perfect for you, with a wide choice of cord for the handles, colours of paper and print options for the bag itself and various sizes and shapes the is a versatile bag to brand. 

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