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Custom Packaging Products

Jiffy envelops

These heavy duty envelopes are made with high quality Kraft linerboard. Each envelope has a bubble wrap lining to provide added cushioning and protect contents from damage that can occur during transit and handling.

  • Closure is quick and easy to use – simply remove strip and press to close
  • Tough outer Kraft layer provides stiffness and durability
  • Lined with 3/16″ bubble cushioning to ship fragile items safely
  • Low cost shipping protection for a wide variety of products
  • In stock and available for immediate delivery

Jiffy envelops plastic

   Bubble Mailers are cool, stylish ways to protect your valuables from the dangers of travel. These padded mailers will prevent your things from getting crushed, dented, torn, and chipped.

     Get attention with these 6×9 bubble mailers and make your mailings standout! Complete insulating bubble material maintains fullness for excellent product protection throughout shipping. Ideal for Promotional Items, Gifts, Jewelry, Cosmetics and Direct mail.

Brown Padded Bubble Envelope

Afraid of sending Semi-Fragile Valuables? We have got the solution. Jiffy Bubble Lined Courier Bags are now available for packaging and mailing semi-fragile valuables. 

» Bubble lining on the inner surface 
» Perfect for storing and handling semi-fragile valuables 
» Light in weight poly bags thus save shipping costs

Brown Padded Bubble Envelope
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