We manufacture corrugated boxes.

Multi Depth Cartons

Variable Depth Corrugated Boxes

These Cartons offer the benefits of having many box sizes in your inventory without consuming valuable storage space. Same carton can be used up for a variety of products as the height is adjustable.

  • Multi depth cartons are scored at sides at one inch intervals
  • To obtain the desired height, simply press down along the perforations to the height wanted.
  • Manufactured using 200#/25 ECT corrugated material
  • Use multi-depth boxes when you’re are not sure how much space is needed. These cartons have perforated lines to get the custom fit for the item.

Corrugated boxes come in thousands of shapes and sizes. For small businesses that have a large number of SKUs it becomes difficult to stock many size cartons for the various product sizes. Doing this not only increases your packing material inventory holding cost but also takes up valuable storage space. These types of cartons have variable depth i.e. they have pre-creased bending lines along the height at intervals of 1 inch. Buying one type of these will effectively give you 4 to 5 sizes in one box while ensuring perfect fit. Simply cut along the perforated lines to achieve desired height. No cutting knife or scissors needed. When packing smaller items in these boxes we suggest using void filling material such as bubble wrap, air pillow or pure Kraft paper rolls to ensure there is no excess empty space during transit.

We stock many sizes of Multi-Depth Boxes for delivery across India. Save space and money by reducing the number of different cartons in your packaging boxes inventory! These boxes are made of top quality kraft paper with high crush strength and ECT.

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