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Jute Bags

Jute is a 100% biodegradable and eco-friendly material and does not pollute our environments like plastic and poly, and we should encourage the usage of jute bags so that we can also contribute to our environment to make our planet clean and healthy place to live in.

  1. Jute is a vegetable plant whose fibers are dried in long strips, and it’s one of the cheapest natural materials available.
  2. Jute bags can be used multiple times. Plastic bags are made to use for once only, thus, it is seen that lots of such things are dumped in the face of waterways, sewage, parks, beaches or streets.
  3. Jute bags are seen to maintain their gloss and glaze for a longer time. They are made from natural fiber and thus are able to keep their strength for rather longer period.

Jute Sacks

Jute bag, made of 100% biodegradable hessian jute. Jute bags are known as the most efficient packaging for transportation and storage purposes of cacao, coffee, sugar, potatoes and more. Today, jute bags are popular packaging solutions thanks to their biodegradability and the possibility of being reused several times.

This jute bag comes with an internal size of 60x110cm and is suitable for up to 50kgs of harvest products, rubble as well as organic waste such as leaves.

Reusable Non woven Grocery bag printed

Non woven foldable shopping bags, carrier bags, printed & bespoke

Material:Non woven
Color:Any color available,Pantone color as well as CMYK
Logo:Full Color Printing; Simple Color Printing
Printing: Silk Screen Printing, Heat Transfer Printing, Offset Printing, Lamination or other
Usage:Promotion; Advertising; Shopping; Package

Reusable Non woven carrier bag printed

Non Woven Bags are the most trending amongst all carry bags. We can help you to get the best-quality ones as an experienced Non Woven Bags manufacturer in Mumbai.

These bags have become a popular alternative to plastic bags because they can be recycled and reused. The non woven bags have a nice look and feel. They are being used for promotion and packaging purpose by several brands.

Because the bags are long-lasting, the promotional non woven bags will be used by the targeted customers for a longer period. This means that the branded bags will be seen by the bag users and others around them leading to brand recall.

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