We manufacture corrugated boxes.

Corrugated boxes

Brown Corrugated Boxes

Corrugated stock boxes are the packaging and shipping solution of choice for many industries including aerospace, automotive, garment, electronic, computer, assembly, retail, printing and publishing, mail order, fulfillment, transportation, food processing and manufacturing.

  1. Made of single wall C flute corrugated fibreboard
  2. Manufactured using 25 ECT corrugated material
  3. Great shipping box for gifts, office supplies, electronics, as well as other household items.
  4. 100% recyclable: Sustainable & Environmentally Responsible

White Corrugated Boxes

  1. White Boxes present a premium look to your shipments
  2. Applied labels and shipping instructions stand out clearly against the crisp white background
  3. Preserve shipment appearance by sealing white boxes with clear or white BOPP tape
  4. Same strong construction as our regular Kraft cartons

Corrugated TV Boxes

These cartons open along the ends for easy insertion of TV, Frames, Mirrors & other flat products.

  1. For Flat Screen TV’s Sized From 23″ to 63″
  2. Extra Strong Double Walled Construction
  3. Die Cut handles for carrying
  4. In stock and available for immediate delivery

Easy Fold Mailers

These one-piece folders have bending lines at multiple depths that ensure custom fit for your products. Simply place product in the center, fold in the sides at your desired depth and seal with inbuilt tape.

  1. Quickly package items. No carton set up and taping.
  2. 100% Recyclable
  3. Ships flat for easy handling and storage
  4. In stock and available for immediate delivery

Multi Depth Boxes

These Cartons offer the benefits of having many box sizes in your inventory without consuming valuable storage space. Same carton can be used up for a variety of products as the height is adjustable.

  1. Multi depth cartons are scored at sides at one inch intervals
  2. To obtain the desired height, simply press down along the perforations to the height wanted.
  3. Use multi-depth boxes when you’re are not sure how much space is needed. These cartons have perforated lines to get the custom fit for the item.

File Storage Boxes

storage boxes you can stay organized whether at home or office. These boxes are a great choice for storing files and paperwork that aren’t accessed frequently. These boxes come with a removable lid that helps protect against dust and pollutants.

  1. Holds letter or legal size files
  2. 100% recyclable
  3. Ships flat for easy handling and storage
  4. In stock and available for immediate delivery

Die cut packaging boxes

Die-cut packaging helps you sell more of your product by making it stand out on shelf. To give you an idea of the versatility of the die-cut carton type here are some common features:

  1. Self-Closing – closes automatically when packed on your product line
  2. Crash Lock Bottom – bottom of the carton pops into place with a simple push
  3. Self-Erecting – sides pop up as you pack
  4. Handles – for easier handling
  5. Windows – for your products to be on display

Corrugated Bins

C-flute corrugated shelf bins are durable and easy to assemble. Self-locking design. Shelf bins and dividers are 100 % recyclable.

  1. U-Pack’s Corrugated Bins are Ideal for interior/warehousing uses
  2. Great as a temporary recycling solution
  3. Lightweight & durable
  4. Can be used with a plastic liner to extend the life


Custom printed boxes are a great tool for building your business and increasing brand recognition. Make sure they take home something with your name on it to increase the chances that they will come back.
If you know you want to customize your shipping boxes with colors, logos, artwork, or designs, but aren’t sure just what they should look like yet, we can provide packaging ideas for custom boxes based on products we have already made.

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