We manufacture corrugated boxes.

Die cut corrugated boxes

Corrugated Boxes

         Our unmatched quality, fast delivery, and customization make us unrivaled. We have various sizes of single, double and triple wall boxes in our warehouse, ready for immediate dispatch and for your custom needs, we always here to help on that too. So, when it comes to finding the right size of cardboard cartons, you need to look no further except Packaging Corner. You can buy corrugated boxes from Packaging Corner in small or large quantities. Check our list of custom add-ons available for your boxes.

  • Embossing/De-bossing
  • Custom Die-cut designs
  • Foiling/Hot Stamping options with unlimited colors
  • Gloss & Matte lamination
  • UV spot

       Die Cut Boxes are specially made for your exact product shape. The term Die-Cut describes the use of a knife or rotary die tocut or punch out a specific shape that can then be folded precisely. Depending on your volumes, you may be surprised how little extra it will cost you to get the super-premium look of a die cut carton for your product. Reduce costs by optimizing your packaging process with a carton specially designed for your factory or process. Die-cut packaging helps you sell more of your product by making it stand out on shelf. To give you an idea of the versatility of the die-cut carton type here are some common features:

  • Self-Closing – closes automatically when packed on your product line
  • Crash Lock Bottom – bottom of the carton pops into place with a simple push
  • Self-Erecting – sides pop up as you pack
  • Handles – for easier handling
  • Windows – for your products to be on display
  • Locking tabs – to make sure your product isn’t easily tampered with or stolen (a common concern of retailers)
  • Strengthening and rigidity – for heavy products or tough environments
  • Ready-glued – shipped flat and ready to use – this can cut down the time it takes your warehouse staff to pack and dispatch.
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